Marketing & Design

I'll give your book covers and interiors, press releases, and collateral modern, colorful layouts. I use Adobe Creative Suite to design documents.


Cover Design


Three Sides Water

The cover design for Three Sides Water involved several drafts in which small adjustments were made, including layout and color balance. The final cover design is at the bottom right.

Interior Design

Rhythm in the Rain

I redesigned the interior for Rhythm in the Rain, an Ooligan Press title, for a graduate course. All of the elements were provided; I was tasked with making a clean, reader-friendly layout for the book. This manuscript has hundreds of moving parts, including photos, captions, photo credits, supplemental materials, and index entries.

Three Sides Water Chapbook

I designed the Three Sides Water  chapbook for our sales kits. This sixteen-page document contains an excerpt of the book, which sales representatives use to inform their discussions with book buyers.

Dot-to-Dot, Oregon Excerpt

This forty-page layout was a redesign of an old Ooligan Press title. Poetry is notoriously difficult to design, and this short excerpt required dozens of paragraph styles to maintain the original stanza breaks and poem format.

Marketing Collateral

Sleeping in My Jeans Map

When it was time to send sales kits for upcoming Ooligan title Sleeping in My Jeans, I designed a hand-drawn map in the protagonist's art style.

Three Sides Water Flyer

I designed the flyer for the Three Sides Water launch party. I incorporated elements from the cover and an easy-to-read font that wouldn't take away from the title or our venue's logo.

Three Sides Water Blurb

When Three Sides Water would receive a blurb, I would create a graphic with the text of the blurb. This image was distributed across social media.