Line edit? Copyedit? Proofread? Substantive edit? Fact-checking? I've done it all, and I'd be happy to do it for you.

Developmental Editing

Developmental edits focus on the structure, narrative, and language of a manuscript. This is the time where plot holes are fixed, flat characters are given fulfilling arcs, and global-level diction errors are mended.

Untitled Romance Manuscript

round 2 edit

I edited an untitled romance manuscript earlier this year. I performed two rounds of edits on this manuscript; this is the second round. All identifying information has been redacted.

A Gathering of Shadows, V.E. Schwab

round 1 edit

I wrote a developmental edit note on one of my favorite books, A Gathering of Shadows by powerhouse novelist V.E. Schwab. As this is an already published book, this note is much shorter than a standard first round note would be.


Manuscripts that already have solid story beats and compelling characters are better suited to copyedits. In this stage, attention is given to sentence-level discrepancies in tense, usage, syntax, and continuity.

Untitled Manuscript

Copyedit Package

My copyedit package includes hand edits or in-line comments and Track Changes, a style sheet to track proper spelling of terms used in the manuscript, and an edit note describing global or important changes. I use Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster's Dictionary.

Sleeping in My Jeans

Heavy Copyedit

This copyedit ended up on the heavier side, almost to a line-edit, due to the inconsistent tone and continuity issues. I edited a section of this manuscript in Microsoft Word.

XML Typecoding

XML typecoding is the process of using HTML-like tags to identify elements of a manuscript that need unique design treatment. This process happens before a manuscript is designed.

Three Sides Water XML Coding

For Three Sides Water, I analyzed the .doc version of the manuscript and determined which lines needed to be given special attention by the designer. In addition to identifying headings, paragraphs, and page breaks, I marked special characters and accent words.


Proofreading is the very last editorial stage a manuscript will undergo. Here, format and layout errors are repaired, as well as final spelling and grammatical errors.

Brew to Bikes Ebook Proofread

I proofread a section of the Brew to Bikes ebook. This project consisted of updating the existing PDF to be consistent with new style changes and migrating those changes to the ebook.