Project Management

Three Sides Water

My management style varies depending on the skill level of my team members. When training new press members, I provide extensive instructions and support. As press members gain more confidence and understanding of the publishing process, I scale back my involvement. Good management must adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of the team, as well as the manager's own strengths and weaknesses.

My team for Three Sides Water comprised three to seven press members depending on the term at a variety of experience levels. When a new press member joined my team, my first assignment for them was to read the latest version of the manuscript and familiarize themselves with the marketing plan for the book. This provided each team member with a knowledge base of the book that could inform their work.

I initiated and reviewed nearly every document and production phase related to Three Sides Water. Team members were given instructions for producing documents such as contact sheets, design and marketing briefs, and social media collateral. Once progress had been made on the documents, I and the appropriate department lead would analyze each artifact for tone, grammatical accuracy, and content as well as accurate portrayal of Ooligan Press's image. When discrepancies were found or substantial edits were necessary, I communicated such with the involved team members and oversaw their revisions.

My team and I created the following documents:

Design Brief

Before a book can be designed, it needs some basic design guidelines. The assigned team members, the project manager, and the design lead collaborate to create these guidelines, which are then distributed to the press during the design call.

Tip Sheet

The tip sheet contains all relevant marketing material for a title, including author bio, book summary, BISAC codes, marketing highlights, and comp titles. It's a marketer's holy grail. I created this document in conjunction with Ooligan's marketing lead.

Author Tour Sheet

Our author requested assistance in planning a multi-city tour across Washington State. I facilitated the team's efforts in reaching out to bookstores and organizing readings. Throughout the process, I maintained contact with the author and altered our approach based on his needs.